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Glossary IP Solutions
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Mesh Topology Represents a wide area network (WAN) used in large corporations, universities, and government agencies. Mesh uses multiple paths to connect multiple sites or buildings.

MHz (megahertz) One million cycles per second. A unit of measure for frequency.

Motherboard The main circuit board on a computer. The motherboard includes the processor, RAM, support circuitry and a bus controller.

Motion JPEG A variation of JPEG, this is a compression scheme for video files. See also JPEG.

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) A graphics file format that enables video to be stored in compressed form.

Network A system that connects two or more computers plus peripherals (printers, CD-ROM drives, scanners, and so on) so that all computers can communicate and share resources with each other.

Network Address Another way of referring to the IP address. The IP address is the address for a computer, printer, or other devices on the network. See also IP.

Network Applications Network applications come in two parts: client and server. The server part of the application is installed on a server computer; on a workgroup network, it is installed on a workstation that serves as a host. The client part of the software installs on the rest of the computers on the network. The client requests some service, and the server grants the request.

Network Interface Card (NIC) Also called a network card or a network adapter, this is a circuit board installed in your computer that uses specific software drivers to work with your computer and attaches to the network by means of a network cable or a wireless connection.

Network Operating System (NOS) Designed specifically for a server, a NOS offers many features and tools that help you manage clients, applications, security and other facets of the network.

Network Path A path that leads to a computer on the network, and then to a folder or file on that computer. For example, \\Sue\My Documents\My Pictures leads to the My Pictures folder on Sue's computer over the network. (The double backslashes tell the operating system to locate the following over the network instead of on the local computer.)

Noninterlacing / Interlacing refers to how a video signal is drawn on the screen. Interlacing monitors skip every other line during the redraw process, thus producing a flicker of jitter on the screen. Noninterlaced monitors scan every line, providing the best screen quality.

Packet data is sent over a network in packets, or blocks. Each packet not only contains a part of the data you want to send, but also contains the name of the sender and the receiver and some error-control information to help make sure the packet makes it to its destination in one piece.

Parallel Port An input/output port that manages information 8 bits at a time; parallel ports are often used for connecting printers.

Partitioning Refers to dividing your hard disk into sections. The operating system treats different partitions on the hard disk as if they were separate drives.