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Glossary IP Solutions
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WAN (Wide Area Network) A large or corporate network of computers connected over long distances, such as across town, states, or a country.

WAP (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

WAV WAV stands for sound wave. WAV files contain digital sound and are very large.

Wireless Connections for network computers that does not use wire; instead, devices are attached to computers and the computers are placed within sight of each other. Infrared and radio waves are two forms of wireless connections.

Wireless Access Point (WAP) See access point.

Workgroup Network Workgroup, or peer-to-peer, networking refers to a group of computers (from 2 to 50 or even more sometimes) that share all of their resources, including printers, CD drives, hard drives, files, and programs. Workgroup networking can be made more secure; for example, any computer on the network can stop sharing its resources at any time. However, most computers on a workgroup network share. See also peer-to peer network.

Workstation In networking, a personal computer attached to the network, not the file server. Also called a client computer.

WWW (World Wide Web) As part of the Internet, a group of services and special-interest groups. WWW, or Web, browsers display pages created by these different groups. Browse the Web for information on just about anything: products, services, travel, entertainment, and more.