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Unlike other integrated solutions that require the installation of a full complement of expensive, single source proprietary products, our IP Connectivity utilizes an open architecture platform to allow all types of Emergency Communication and Building Intelligence systems to be integrated successfully through new or existing networks. Maximum security for maximum safety.

Our IP networked solutions use the same 128-bit Blowfish Encrypted Technology used by the United States military and chosen by the most secure Swiss banks and other leading financial institutions worldwide. This ensures the highest level of network protection available. All installation work is carried out by certified and trained technicians.

Now you can respond with the right resources for every situation.

Through the use of a PC-based central command, you will know exactly what kind of alarm went off and where. That allows you to respond with the appropriate action. Response overstatement or understatement are reduced or eliminated. What’s more, Internet protocol through text messages and/ or emails allows key personnel to be immediately notified and have access to critical information anywhere, anytime.

New! Get the details on the ECS-PB Emergency Communication Power Box.

A solution for your construction site power and safety.
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