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ECS Power Box

A Revolutionary Solution to Job Safety

We've combined your need for 120v power management, code compliant suppression equipment, and an effective emergency communication system in a single durable unit, engineered to survive the harsh environments of multiple construction projects.

Power Management
8 individual GFI protected duplex outlets are protected by durable covers, removing the need for unsafe floor outlets. Each bank of 4 is managed by an independent 20 amp circuit protected with an access door and mounted at 90 degrees to eliminate dangerous arch flash scenarios.

Fire Extinguisher
The easily identifiable yellow enclosure has a self-contained cabinet that protects the NFPA required fire extinguisher with a simple door latch for fast access. A clear lexan window allows for routine visual inspection and an optional security alarm can be mounted inside to protect the critical safety equipment from theft.

Emergency Notification
Each unit is designed to interconnect, creating a temporary emergency warning and communication system. The electronic interface allows for a latching input switch that activates all units simultaneously, while the entire system can be silenced from any station with a key switch. A white Gentex horn strobe with a selectable Candela up to 110cd and selectable dB levels high and low activates upon any alarm input from the circuit.

Durable Design
Each unit is designed to survive on your construction site, made of a 16-gauge stainless steel welded construction with a durable powder coat finish. A multi-purpose handle relief system can be utilized to both transport and hang the unit, as well as relieve the strain on your power cords.

Premium Power and Survivability
An individual power connector that requires connection to building power (30 amps) keeps each unit running independently. All components are protected by an Eclips E120V-GT hybrid surge protection device. Two 12 volt 7 amp batteries provide 75 hours of standby operation in the event of power failure, and are maintained by a management system that includes a storage rack and a charging circuit.

Designed for Expansion
Configurable custom software allows for opportunities to incorporate additional technology and products. The ECS-Power Box requires unit-to-unit cable assemblies with an end-of-line device. If any cables are disconnected or removed, the alarm will activate to ensure that the system integrity is 100% operational. Pre-assembled cables are available in standard or custom lengths. The lock-in cable connector makes installation simple and eliminates accidental disconnections.

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Ordering Information

Part # Description
ECS-PB Power Box
ECS-FLANGE Flange mounting bracket
ECS-CRADLE Wall Mounting bracket assembly (2)
ECS-EOL End-of-line plug assembly (2)
ECS-C30 30ft. cable assembly with connectors
ECS-C100 100ft. cable assembly with connectors
ECS-C200 200ft. cable assembly with connectors
ECS-CEXT 6-pin cable extender
ECS-STAND Adjustable stand

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