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Graphical UI

The Sysnova Frontview is a PC based application software that can be used as a command center to simultaneously monitor and control remote functions available on the IPMG-1. This includes the real time display of up to 12 cameras, I/O control, VOIP functions and system setup and programming over a proprietary or shared IP network. Frontview can also be used to transmit system commands over the IPMG-1’s dual RS-232 ports, control up to 128 auxiliary outputs and be programmed for event driven automatic functions utilizing the Novascript programming language. Frontview supports a broad scope of institutional, commercial and industrial applications.With its simple but powerful interface, this tool can be used by facilities management and security personnel along with Fserver to quickly evaluate events coming in from remote sites and help to make prompt and informed decisions on what actions should be taken. Using the main screen and selection tabs of Frontview the CMS operator can:
. View up to 12 cameras simultaneously
. Playback video stored on onboard flash DVR
. Page to local speaker over IP network
. Listen in to remote site over IP network
. Update Firmware
. Download Novascript file for control by event logic programming
. Manually control relay outputs
. Setup and Download IP system parameters

Standard Features

  • Remote Site surveillance for up to 12 cameras at up to 25 frames/sec.
  • On board DVR function.
  • Local or remote playback of stored Audio and video.
  • Local VU meter function for paging channel.
  • WAV file generation and control.
  • Programmable motion detection and tracking utilizing PTZ cameras.
  • Remote paging and listening in function utilizing VOIP.
  • Remote I/O control.
  • Remote system configuration programming.
  • Remote Upload of History log.