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The Sysnova Fserver is a PC based application software that is used as a CMS to monitor simultaneous events generated by multiple IPMG-1 interfaces over a proprietary or shared IP network.
These events include the status of the IPMG-1s on board dual RS-232 interfaces, I/O,GPSR-1 interface and the remote keypad (KPD-1).These interfaces can be connected and used to monitor a number of new or existing Fire, Security or process control panels or systems. Fserver supports a broad scope of institutional, commercial and industrial applications. With its simple but powerful interface, this tool can be used by facilities management and security personnel to quickly evaluate events coming in from remote sites and help to make prompt and informed decisions on what actions should be taken. Using the main screen of Fserver the CMS operator can:
. View the Online/Offline status of the remote sites.
. View events in a chronological manner with time and date stamp.
. View and execute actions programmed in for a particular event.
. Acknowledge events of a particular type or site specific.
.Display/export History file.
.Automatic E-mail of event(s) to one or more recipients.
.Access Frontview for control of I/O and video at remote site.

Standard Features

  • Supervision of nodes by means of periodic transmissions.
  • Line supervision for the dialer of control panels.
  • Display of events to an operator.
  • Display of instructions, address, phone number of contact person etc.
  • Acknowledgement of events.
  • Storage of the history of events in a database.
  • External “plugins” for event recognition (useful to interpret line printer outputs).
  • Display of bitmap graphics.