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Lifeguard Networks ITip is an IP Based, microprocessor driven, RS-232 data collection tool. It features an onboard OLED display that allows you to quickly view RS-232 event history and network parameters.

Software: Fserver-LT is a PC application for collection and organization of event data. Events can be sorted by site (and/or alarm priority). Events can then be dispatched by e-mail and/or text message with Fserver-LT

Service and Maintenance: The ITip will improve system awareness and service. Ability to remotely view all event transactions improves efficiency of the system service calls. By receiving exact event data it allows efficient dispatch of resources and equipment.

Inspection Reports: By deploying ITips on a site or campus it allows a history of events to be electronically archived and exported to a remote site. These files can provide point verification for test and Inspection reports. Additionally, these files can be used to analyze system performance enabling greater efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Onboard Flash memory for storage of Program and Event History
  • 2 RS-232 ports (isolated)
  • Onboard OLED Display for Event History and Network Details
  • RJ-45 Ethernet Report
  • Durable Aluminum enclosure
  • OnLine Status LED, Power On LED
  • Program Monitoring Heartbeat LED
  • DSP Microcontroller Operation.
  • Mounting Option Single Gang, 4” sq. surface or flush, and INTK Snap Track
  • High Speed RS-485 bus for I/O Modules

Included Fserver-LT Software: